Forks N Knives KSA

Elsker Impex is a dynamic and multi-faceted company that has made a significant mark in the business landscape. Notably, Elsker Impex launched the Forks n Knives chain in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), a venture that aimed to bring a unique dining experience to the region. They embarked on this culinary journey with the vision of offering exceptional food, impeccable service, and a delightful atmosphere to their customers.

As Elsker Impex sought to establish and grow their Forks n Knives chain in KSA, they encountered a crucial challenge – the need to assemble a highly skilled and dedicated team of more than 15 professionals. They recognized that the success of their culinary venture hinged on the caliber of their staff and the seamless execution of their vision.

Project Rationale


The primary goal of this project was to support Elsker Impex in achieving its expansion ambitions by identifying, recruiting, and onboarding over 15 talented professionals. The objective was to curate a team that could uphold Forks n Knives’ commitment to culinary excellence, outstanding service, and a memorable dining experience.


Customized Resource Allocation: We adopted a tailored approach to resource allocation, leveraging our expertise to scout, assess, and secure highly qualified individuals who are aligned with the specific needs of Forks n Knives. Our focus extended beyond qualifications to include cultural fit, ensuring that each team member embodied the restaurant’s ethos.

In-depth Market Research: To develop a comprehensive staffing strategy, we conducted thorough market research, exploring the dining and hospitality industry in KSA. This research offered insights into the local talent pool, industry trends, and competitive dynamics, enabling us to make informed recruitment decisions.

Strategic Talent Acquisition: We employed a strategic recruitment approach, utilizing our industry connections and knowledge to identify and engage potential candidates. Rigorous screening processes, including interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks, ensured that only the best talents were brought on board.

Results & Outcomes

Positive Result 1:

The project’s primary success was the successful recruitment of more than 15 skilled professionals who were essential to the Forks n Knives team. Each hire brought unique expertise and dedication to the table, enriching the restaurant’s operational capacity.

Positive Result 2:

Another significant achievement was the seamless integration of these new team members into Forks n Knives’ culture. Their alignment with the restaurant’s values and vision created a harmonious and collaborative work environment.

Positive Result 3:

The third positive outcome revolved around the immediate impact of these new resources on Forks n Knives’ operations. With a strengthened team, the restaurant excelled in delivering exceptional culinary experiences, solidifying its reputation as a premier dining destination.

Positive Result 4:

Lastly, this strategic allocation of resources played a pivotal role in the exponential growth and recognition of Forks and Knives. Their enhanced team enabled them to expand their culinary offerings, cater to a larger clientele, and establish themselves as a leading player in KSA’s dining scene.